Astra Classic White organic fresh flower seeds to grow

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Astra Classic White Organic Seeds

Elevate your garden with the beauty of Astra Classic White Aster. These premium organic seeds are sourced for excellence, offering a stunning array of inflorescences and a long flowering period. With compact growth and high uniformity, these asters are perfect for flower beds, borders, and pots. Start your gardening journey today with our expertly cultivated seeds.

Key Features:

  • 50+ PCS of fresh, high-quality organic seeds
  • Long flowering period from mid-July to September
  • Compact growth (25-30 cm) with vibrant 5-7 cm inflorescences
  • Ideal for flower beds, borders, pots, and flowerpots
  • Optimal sowing time: February - April | Planting: May-June

Cultivation Tips:

Ensure successful cultivation by using sterile soil for seedlings. Maintain a temperature of 20-25°C before seedling emergence and around 15°C after emergence. Provide consistent lighting and feed seedlings twice for best results.

Annual: Annual

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