Phlox Isabellina 50+ PCS fresh seeds, Phlox drammondii

Oreshka seeds
Phlox Isabellina (lat. Phlox drammondii)

The phlox of Drummond Isabellina gives lush corymbose inflorescences formed by simple flowers with a diameter of 3 cm. The color of the petals is cream. Flowering does not stop from the beginning of summer until late autumn frosts.
Phlox serves as a decoration of the front line of flower beds and rabatok, it is grown as a border and potted plant. The seeds are germinated for seedlings at the end of March.
The strengthened seedlings dive and at the end of May are transferred to a sunny area with nutritious drained soil.
It is also possible to directly sow seeds in the ground in early May — at the same time, the flowering period is slightly shortened.

Annual: Annual

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