Sweet William Mix flower seeds - Colorful Dianthus Barbatus Mix

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Sweet William Mix Flower Seeds

Add a burst of vibrant colors to your garden with Sweet William Mix flower seeds from Oreshka Seeds. These stunning biennial plants, known scientifically as Dianthus Barbatus, are a must-have for any flower enthusiast.

Standing at a height of 50-60 cm, Sweet Williams are renowned for their versatility. Whether planted in flower beds or used for charming bouquets, their undemanding nature makes them a delightful addition to your garden.

To grow these beautiful blooms, start by sowing the seeds in seedling boxes during May-June. You can expect shoots to emerge within 7-14 days, provided the temperature is around 15°C. After about 4 weeks, it's time to transplant the seedlings to their permanent spot. The ideal time for this is during the fall or transplanting season.

While Sweet Williams prefer sunny locations, they are also tolerant of partial shade. They thrive in a variety of well-cultivated, non-acidic soils. Experience their captivating flowering from June to July in the second year after sowing, and revel in the riot of colors they bring to your garden.

At Oreshka-Seeds.com, we specialize in sourcing rare, organic seeds from across the globe. Discover the joy of gardening with unique and high-quality seeds that enrich your gardening experience.

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