Dahlia Caledonia 30+ PCS fresh seeds, Dahlia

Oreshka seeds
Dahlia Caledonia (lat. Dahlia)

Low-growing dahlias with a compact bush up to 45 cm. The stem is elastic, the leaves are dark green. Inflorescences are bright, with a diameter of 8 cm. Due to the compactness, lush and long-lasting flowering, dahlias are perfect for creating a bright border, a mixed flowerbed, as well as for planting in flowerpots and balcony boxes.
Sowing: in March-April for seedlings. Shoots appear after 10-14 days at t=18-20C. Dive in 4 weeks. The distance between the seedlings is 4 cm. Seedlings should be planted in the ground when the threat of frost passes. The distance between the plants is 30-35 cm.

Annual: Annual

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