Perennial carnation Grenadine 30 PCS fresh seeds, Dianthus

Oreshka seeds
Perennial carnation Grenadine (lat. Dianthus)

The height of the plant is from half a meter to 70 cm. The leaves are linear, sitting on a straight thin knobby stem opposite. Their color is green with a bluish tinge. The leaves on the stem are partially distributed-rosettes, their diameter reaches 30 cm.
During the flowering period, flowers appear at the ends of the shoots, and there may be several of them on one stem. The diameter of one flower is about 3-5 cm. Depending on the varietal affiliation, the Grenadine carnation can produce double, semi-double and non-double flowers. The edges of the petals are also different: with a whole or finely toothed edge.
After flowering, fruits are formed in place of fragrant flowers – multi-seeded boxes. The seeds are very small and there can be about 600 pieces in one gram alone.

Perennial: Perennial

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