Alyssum purple queen 50+ PCS fresh seeds, Carpet lobularia maritima, Maroon alyssum seeds, Sweet alyssum, Flower seeds

Oreshka seeds
Carpet lobularia maritima, Maroon alyssum seeds, Sweet alyssum (lat. Alyssum)

A beautifully blooming creeping annual of bright color. It forms low, strongly branching bushes covered with numerous caps-inflorescences collected from small flowers with a honey aroma. Flowering will be continuous until autumn frosts, if after the first wave the stems are cut to a height of 5 cm to form new shoots-peduncles. It can be grown by direct sowing of seeds in well-warmed soil or through seedlings, which are transferred to flower beds in May. It is used for the design of rockeries and rock gardens, as a border, framing or groundcover plant.
The groundcover plant is considered low-growing, since the stems rise to a height of no more than 35-40 cm. The shoots are characterized by strong branching, lignified at the base.

Annual: Annual

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