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Organic Ratibida Columnar Yellow Hat Seeds

The Ratibida Columnar Yellow Hat, commonly known as the Mexican hat, is a unique flower that stands out in any garden. With our fresh, organic seeds, you can grow these vibrant yellow sombreros that not only beautify your garden but also serve as a delightful addition to cut flower arrangements.

About Ratibida Columnar Yellow Hat

The Ratibida Columnar, or Mexican hat, is a branched perennial. From its strong and ribbed stems, which can grow over a meter in height, emerges a spreading bush. The flower, resembling a tiny yellow sombrero, rises majestically above the foliage. This basket-like flower has a diameter of about 6 cm. The female lingual flowers are adjacent to the lower part of the convex disk, and they boast an obovate shape, stretching to a length of 2.5-3 cm.

Care and Growth

The columnar ratibid is unpretentious in nature. While its decorative and lush appearance depends on the quality of care, the plant is hardy and can thrive in various conditions. It's best suited for sunny flower beds, preferably in well-warmed locations. This North American beauty prefers calcareous soils with a pH level of around 7.5. Preparing the soil with loose dolomite flour mixed with sand in the autumn is ideal. While it can tolerate poor soils, a fertilized ground ensures a more lush and vibrant flowering. The Ratibida is drought-resistant and can withstand low temperatures, making it a favorite among gardeners.

Benefits of Growing Ratibida Columnar Yellow Hat

  • Visual Appeal: The vibrant yellow flowers add a splash of color to gardens and landscapes.
  • Drought Resistant: Perfect for areas with water scarcity or for gardeners who prefer low-maintenance plants.
  • Pest Resistant: The Ratibida is not a favorite among pests, ensuring your garden remains undisturbed.
  • Organic Growth: Our seeds are sourced organically, ensuring healthy growth without the use of harmful chemicals.

Why Choose Oreshka Seeds?

At, we specialize in providing high-quality seeds sourced from around the world. Our commitment to organic farming and sustainable practices ensures that you receive the best seeds for your garden. With our Ratibida Columnar Yellow Hat seeds, you're not just planting flowers; you're sowing a legacy of beauty and nature.

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