Ratibida Columnar Yellow Hat 50+ PCS fresh seeds, Ratibida mexicana

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Ratibida Columnar Yellow Hat (lat. Ratibida mexicana)

Ratibida columnar, or Mexican hat – is a branched perennial. From a large number of strong and ribbed stems, the height of which can be more than 1 meter, a spreading bush is made up.
The ratibida flower rises above the foliage. This is a basket with a diameter of about 6 cm. Female lingual flowers are adjacent to the lower part of the convex disk, their shape is obovate, and their length is 2.5-3 cm.
The columnar ratibid is unpretentious, only the decorative and lush nature of the bush will depend on the quality of care, but the plant itself will not die.
It is best to plant the ratibid on the flower beds of the sunny side. The place should be well warmed up. This plant does not like shading. It is advisable to plant the North American beauty in calcareous soils with an acidity of about 7.5. The place for planting ratibids is prepared from autumn. Loose dolomite flour with an admixture of sand is introduced into the soil. Poor soils are suitable for the plant, the main thing is that they are not clay. However, the fertilized soil guarantees a lush flowering. The Mexican hat does not require special care. It tolerates low temperatures and drought well. Watering of ratibids is carried out to prolong flowering. Ratibida is resistant to garden pests and various diseases.

Perennial: Perennial

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