Carnation Imperial 100+ PCS fresh seeds, Dianthus

Oreshka seeds
Carnation Imperial (lat. Dianthus)

Plants are 20 cm tall, with very branched stems from the base. The flowers are almost odorless, single, double, of various colors (red, white and different shades of pink; with or without a spot at the base of the petals), 4-7 cm in diameter. Propagated by seeds; more often grown by seedlings. Friendly shoots appear in 4-7 days. Seedlings dive in 3-4 weeks; over the 5th pair of leaves of the plant, they pinch. Hardened seedlings are planted in the ground. The plants are cold-resistant (they tolerate frosts up to -3°C), light-loving and sufficiently drought-resistant (when the soil dries, abundant watering is necessary). They grow well in sunny places, on light, moisture-permeable, fertile calcareous soils. In order for the plants to branch well and bloom abundantly, they need to be fed with a full mineral fertilizer (1-2 times when growing seedlings and another 2-3 times in the flower garden). They are used on flower beds, cuttings and for cutting. After 1 frost, especially valuable plants can be dug up and transplanted into pots – flowering will continue until mid-November.

Perennial: Perennial

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