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Organic Carnation Imperial (Dianthus) Seeds: Nature's Elegance

Introducing the Carnation Imperial, also known as Dianthus, a symbol of nature's elegance. With a spectrum of colors from red, white to various shades of pink, these flowers are a gardener's dream.

Standing tall at 20 cm, these plants boast branched stems from their base. Whether you prefer single or double blooms, the Carnation Imperial caters to all. With a diameter ranging between 4-7 cm, these almost odorless flowers are a sight to behold.

Grow Carnation Imperial with Ease

Propagation is a breeze with our seeds. Witness friendly shoots within just 4-7 days. For those preferring seedlings, a dive in 3-4 weeks is ideal. Ensure to pinch the plant above the 5th pair of leaves for optimal branching.

These plants are resilient, tolerating frosts up to -3°C. They thrive in sunlight and require fertile, calcareous soils. Regular watering when the soil dries and periodic feeding with a mineral fertilizer ensures a garden full of vibrant blooms.

Why Choose Oreshka's Carnation Imperial Seeds?

Our commitment is to provide only the best. Sourced from around the world, our organic seeds promise high germination rates. Transform your garden into a floral paradise. Order now and experience nature's elegance firsthand.

Additional Information

  • Perennial: Yes
  • Use: Flower beds, cuttings, and for cutting
  • Care Tip: Post frost, valuable plants can be potted for extended flowering till mid-November.

Perennial: Perennial

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