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Chrysanthemum Lucy (lat. Chrysanthemum) stands out as an exquisite variety, often adorning greenhouses. Predominantly grown by florists for bouquets, it's equally suitable for your garden, given the right care.

Its small semi-double flowers, painted in a mesmerizing crimson-purple shade, span 5 to 6 centimeters. The inflorescence's center boasts tiny yellow petals, adding a touch of sophistication to the 'Lucy' variety. Witness its bloom from mid-August to late October.

Why Choose Chrysanthemum Lucy Seeds?

  • Organic and sourced from global locations.
  • High germination rate ensuring successful growth.
  • Perfect for both bouquets and garden beds.

Planting and Care Instructions

Ensure a well-draining soil mix. Water moderately and provide ample sunlight. Avoid overwatering and ensure protection from pests.

Annual: Annual

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