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Unveil the Beauty of Dahlia Mignon in Your Garden

Dahlia Mignon, a unique variety of the Dahlia family, is known for its mesmerizing beauty and vibrant colors. Originating from the Mignon group, this flower stands out with its pointed tongue petals and compact size, reaching up to 35 cm in height.

One of the most captivating features of Dahlia Mignon is its rich hue, a testament to the Dutch selection flowers. To ensure they bloom in all their glory, regular fertilization and proper watering are crucial.

Why Choose Our Dahlia Mignon Seeds?

At Oreshka Seeds, we prioritize quality. Our seeds are sourced organically, ensuring you get the best in terms of health and aesthetics. With high germination rates, our seeds promise a lush green garden filled with vibrant Dahlia Mignon flowers.

Planting and Care Instructions

Planting dahlias is a rewarding experience. Start by choosing a sunny spot in your garden. Ensure the soil is well-draining. Plant the seeds at least 45 cm apart and water them regularly. With the right care, you'll see them sprout in no time!

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