Tithonia Mexican Sunflower 50+ PCS fresh seeds, Тithonia rotundifolia

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Tithonia Mexican Sunflower (lat. Тithonia rotundifolia)

Tithonia is a kind of herbaceous plant native to Mexico, belongs to the family of compound flowers. It has very bright flowers that attract with their picturesqueness. It has a second name-the Mexican sunflower flower, which most accurately reflects the appearance of this flower.
The titonia bush is quite large — in nature it can reach a height of two meters, but during our not so long summer it often grows up to a meter and a half. In width, the tithonia can also grow up to one and a half meters. The flowers have a red-orange, sometimes yellow hue. The plant blooms from July to October, exuding a very pleasant, sweet aroma during this period.
The abundance of bright flowers and the lush greenery of the rounded leaves of titonia delight the eye until the steady autumn cold. Tithonia flowers attract butterflies and many other pollinating insects to the garden.

Perennial: Perennial

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