Nigella Albina 30+ PCS fresh seeds, Nigella damaskena

Oreshka seeds
Nigella Albina (lat. Nigella damaskena)

This herbaceous plant, which grows only one year, has several names: "maiden in the green", "Italian coriander", "nutmeg flower", "black cumin", but is more often called "blackie" for the color of the seeds.
A small bush up to 45 cm high, with flowers of pink, creamy yellow, white, light blue and bluish tint. The leaves are filamentous, feathery and dissected in shape resemble an openwork cloud. Usually the flowers are single and in shape are simple and double (the petals are arranged in 2, 3 or 4 rows) with a diameter of up to 4 cm. The stems of this species are straight, but branched, without pubescence.
The flower is not only really unusual and interesting, but also useful: with success, essential oil and seeds are used for medical purposes, as spices in cooking, in perfumery.

Annual: Annual

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