Lupin perennial Ice Cream 14 PCS fresh seeds, Lupinus polyphyllus

Oreshka seeds
Lupin perennial Ice Cream (Lat. Lupinus polyphyllus)

An unpretentious fast-growing perennial for planting in groups, decorating flower beds and bouquets. Excellent fertilizer. Enriches the soil with nitrogen. Height up to 100cm. Sowing: in March – April in peat pots for seedlings. Seeds germinate in 10-20 days at t=15-200C. Seedlings develop normally at t=150C. Plant in the ground without damaging the earthen lump. The distance between the plants is 20-30cm. Care: prefers light, sandy loam, well-drained soil without fresh manure. The place is sunny. Tolerates partial shade. Flowering: July-September.

Perennial: Perennial

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