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Grow Beautiful COSMOS SEASHELLS Flowers

Transform your garden with the exquisite COSMOS SEASHELLS Cosmos Bipinnatus Sea Shells Flower Seeds. These flowers feature tubular petals in white, pale pink, and purple hues, creating a stunning and unique appearance.

Plant these unpretentious flowers near benches or recreational areas to admire their elegance up close. With a height of up to 100 cm, these flowers form sprawling bushes with decorative foliage. Ideal for both garden ornamentation and field bouquet cuttings.

COSMOS SEASHELLS bloom from June to fall, adding beauty throughout the seasons. Sow them indoors as seedlings (late March - early April) for early summer blooms or directly in the open ground for lush and fluffy bushes. Maintain optimal plant spacing of 30 cm - 40 cm for healthy growth.

Make your garden a masterpiece with COSMOS SEASHELLS flowers. Order now to enjoy their captivating allure!

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