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Grow Stunning Hibiscus Syriacus Plants from Fresh Seeds

Enhance your garden with the beauty of Hibiscus Syriacus, also known as Rose of Sharon or Syrian Ketmia. These deciduous shrubs can reach a height of 5-6 meters and feature cone-shaped, gray stems with abundant green leaves. The palmately divided leaves add a touch of elegance to this ornamental shrub.

Key Features:

  • Deciduous shrub with cone-shaped stems
  • Medium-sized green leaves with palmate divisions
  • Single or double flowers in various colors
  • Adaptable and frost-resistant

Planting and Care Instructions:

Plant Hibiscus Syriacus in well-draining soil and a sunny location. These shrubs thrive in small groups on lawns and squares. Regular pruning can help maintain their shape and encourage healthy growth.

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Elevate your garden with the stunning beauty of Hibiscus Syriacus. Order your fresh seeds now and enjoy the unique charm these plants bring to your outdoor space.

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