Rosa xanthina 10+ PCS fresh seeds, Yellow rose, Yellow manchu rose, Rosa rugosa, Bush canary bird, Hummingbird flower, Perennial flower

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Yellow rose, Yellow manchu rose, Bush canary bird, Hummingbird flower, Yellow Rosa rugosa (lat. Rosa xanthina)

The yellow rose, also known as the Chinese golden rose (Rosa xanthina or Rosa hugonis).
This deciduous shrub during flowering offers to appreciate the simplicity of single or paired large semi-double flowers with a diameter of up to 5 cm, which conquer the saturation of lemon yellow, sometimes golden color.
The flowers are solitary, semi-double, golden yellow, about 5 cm in diameter, with a light aroma. The shoots are reddish-green or brown with many small thorns. The leaves are small, fern-like, gray-green in summer, purple in autumn. In September, the plant is decorated with bright scarlet fruits. Seeds are hard-to-find, it is better to sow them in autumn.
The plant prefers a free sunny, well-ventilated place, fertile neutral soils. Rosehip is resistant to diseases and grows rapidly. It often blooms first in cold climates. Planted singly, in groups or in free-growing hedges, borders.

Perennial: Perennial

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