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Aster Blueberries with Cream: Brighten Your Garden

Looking for a burst of color in your garden? Our Aster Blueberries with Cream seeds are just what you need. With its purple-white multi-flowered annual variety, this aster brings elegance and vibrancy to your outdoor space. The inflorescences, with a diameter of about 5 cm, are dense and hemispherical, creating a stunning visual effect.

Pair this aster with other plants from the "pampushek" variety group to create a decorative flower bed that will be a noticeable color accent from July to October. You can grow it through classical seedling methods or by direct sowing in April-May or October for abundant flowering in the next season.

Key Features:

  • Purple-white multi-flowered annual variety
  • Dense and bright inflorescences
  • Can be grown through seedling or direct sowing

Product Details:

  • Brand: Oreshka Seeds
  • Category: Flowers
  • SKU: C41
  • Price: $7.08
  • Quantity: Available

Enhance your garden with the beauty of Aster Blueberries with Cream. Order now and enjoy the delightful burst of color in your outdoor space!

Annual: Annual

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