Forget-me-not Victoria Alpine mix 50+ PCS fresh seeds, Myosotis alpestris

Oreshka seeds
Forget-me-not Victoria Alpine mix (lat. Myosotis alpestris)

Forget-me-not Victoria is a popular abundant flowering biennial. It is used for the design of curbs, rockeries, balconies, reservoirs.
Alpine forget-me-not is an erect, strong-branched plant, 18 cm high, oval or spreading shape.
Flowering begins 11 months after sowing (in May-June of the following year). The flowers are up to 1 cm in diameter, collected in a loose short inflorescence-a curl; the color is blue, pink, white.
Such a plant as forget-me-not prefers loose, moderately nutritious and moist soils with good drainage in light shade. The cultivation of forget-me-nots can also occur in the sun, but it shows its decorative qualities most fully in partial shade. It is a mistake to believe that the sun will increase the flowering period – on the contrary, the flower petals will "burn"from bright sunlight.
Sowing forget-me-not seeds should not be done on very rich soils, since the plant begins to "fatten" and forms a powerful bush that practically does not bloom.

Perennial: Perennial

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