Very big Raspberry Maroseika 15+ PCS / 150 PCS fresh seeds

Maroseyka began to spread among our Amateur gardeners in the 70s of the last century. A worthy example for breeding this variety was the Scottish raspberry, brought directly from the Foggy Albion. Accordingly, the predecessor of Maroseika already had a certain resistance to precipitation and coolness. However, this was still not enough for the Russian climate, and the well-known Professor Kichina V. V. improved the heroine of the theme, giving it the following features:

sugar content of berries;
winter hardiness;
resistance to disease;
the absence of spikes.
As a result, the "tartan" has turned into a Maroseyka, and now it is successfully grown both for private consumption and for small sales. But for large farmers, this raspberry variety is unlikely to bring much profit due to its poor frost resistance (not to be confused with winter hardiness) and non-repair origin: fruiting in Maroseika occurs only once a year with the onset of sultry July, which indicates the average maturity of the variety. On the other hand, Maroseika fruits do not ripen at the same time, which is why the General harvest takes place in 4-5 stages until August.
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