Stinging nettle leaf herb 50gr. Urtica dioica

Oreshka seeds
The plant is rich in its multivitamin composition. These are ascorbic, pantothenic, formic, coffee, ferulic, P-coumaric acids, tannins, protein and nitrogenous substances and carotenoids, as well as vitamin K, a natural pacemaker - urticin glycoside, amino acids and other elements necessary for the body. Thanks to this bouquet of useful properties, nettle infusions improve the functioning of the digestive system, have a choleretic effect, normalize lipid metabolism and reduce blood cholesterol levels. The presence of vitamin K gives the plant hemostatic and decongestant properties, and the plant protein lectin - antitoxic properties. The chlorophyll present in nettles has an immunostimulating effect, helps the healing of damaged tissues and enhances hair growth. Animal studies have shown that infusions of nettle leaves can lower diabetes sugar, increase hemoglobin levels, and improve cardiovascular health. In botany, nettle is characterized as a perennial herb up to 1.7 m in height with a creeping rhizome and burning hairs. It grows very actively and mainly like a weed, blooms by mid-summer and bears fruit until September.
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