Organic Dried Wormwood Herb 50 gm. Artemisia absinthium herbal tea

Oreshka seeds
Wormwood is one of the oldest medicinal remedies. Ancient medicine believed that wormwood opens the mouth of blood vessels, causes appetite, removes bile and pus from the stomach with urine, cleanses the intra-pulmonary and thoracic veins from contamination. If you drink it with a twist, it removes bile, cleanses the body and is useful for headaches, neuritis of the facial nerve, trembling, paralysis, epilepsy, loss of consciousness, nightmares, dizziness, darkening before the eyes. The plant treats melancholy, lethargy, diseases of the eyes, ear, mouth, throat, stomach, liver, gall bladder, spleen, uterus, nervous pain, hemorrhoids, fatigue, circular baldness, drives urine, menstruation, milk, removes all worms. A decoction of herbs taken orally treats dropsy, joint pain, disease of the anus, strengthens a weakened liver. If you drink a decoction of bitter wormwood, for 10 days, 100 gr., will cure jaundice. A decoction of wormwood with vinegar, when applied topically, treats joint inflammation. In folk medicine in Central Asia, an infusion of wormwood flower baskets is used for stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers, hemorrhoids, as a choleretic, diuretic, diaphoretic antipyretic and anthelmintic. Infusion of wormwood flowers with wilt is used in the treatment of anemia and as an anti-convulsive agent. The plant is also used as a means to increase appetite. In scientific medicine, infusions, tinctures of herbs are prescribed to increase appetite, to normalize the secretion of the stomach and pancreas. Bitter wormwood, in small doses, has a stimulating effect in hysteria, is used as a choleretic, expectorant, antipyretic. The essential oil of the herb has a pronounced bactericidal and antifungal effect. Wormwood has a therapeutic effect in Crohn's disease. Antitrypanosomal, anti-helminth, and anti-leishmanial properties have been experimentally confirmed. Artemisia absinthium is a powerful stimulator of tumor cell apoptosis. Extracts of the plant are harmful to breast cancer cells.
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