Palo Santo Incense 5 sticks 25-40 grams, Premium Palo Santo from Ecuador, Palo Santo wood

Oreshka seeds
INCENSE STICKS PALO SANTO Quantity: 5 Palo Santo sticks Weight: 25-40 grams Production: Ecuador Quality: Premium class Palo Santo scented sticks made from the sacred tree to purify energy, improve health and harmonize the space. A unique tree from Ecuador is able to accumulate aromatic resins and essential oils in the wood, which have high vibrations. For centuries, shamans from Latin America have used Palo Santo as an incense to ward off evil spirits, heal diseases, and improve the quality of life. The daily ritual of lighting sticks, promotes the disclosure of creative potential and the achievement of relaxation. Scientists have proven that this fragrance reduces stress, increases mental clarity and concentration. This incense is ideal for both meditative work and for improving the working environment. Palo Santo sticks are convenient to take with you on trips, hikes and trips. In the summer, unlike chemical aerosols and spirals, natural sticks will protect you from mosquitoes and other annoying insects without harm. In order to feel the aroma, you need to light the Palo Santo for 20 seconds and let it burn. Then put it out, so that the aroma of the smoldering stick fills the space.
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