Lavender herbal tea 50 gr. Lavandula dried herb

Oreshka seeds
Historical fact The name " lavandula "comes from the Latin" lava " - wash. This is because the Romans used lavender for freshness and fragrance, adding it to their baths. Even in ancient Rome, lavender was used for cosmetic and hygiene purposes. In Europe, lavender was actively grown in monastic gardens by monks. They used the plant to heal wounds and help patients with fever. Later, when medicinal and aromatic qualities became common, lavender was grown for sale. Since the 17th century, lavender has been used in France in the production of perfumes. Unusual property The Catholic Church considered lavender a sacred plant and believed that it could be used to scare away devils and witches. Therefore, the plant was a mandatory attribute of the ordination of priests. Superstitious people also wore crosses made of dried lavender blossoms or placed them at the entrance to their homes. Application in cooking In France, Spain, and Italy, lavender is used in the preparation of sauces and salads, vegetable, fish, and mushroom soups, with fried and stewed lamb, and in vegetable dishes. Like pepper, lavender powder is sprinkled on dishes during cooking. In the United States, lavender is a part of green Chinese tea. Along with Jasmine and rose petals, lavender is added when preparing some "flower" varieties of tea. In addition, in France, a sprig of lavender is a mandatory component of the "bouquet of Garni" (this is the name of a bunch of fragrant herbs that is added to the dish for flavor during cooking, and taken out before eating). Dried lavender flowers are added for flavor to pastries, honey, jams, sugar, and even salt. Lavender is also used in the preparation of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. When Smoking fish, lavender along with juniper berries are added to the smoldering sawdust to add flavor to the smoke in which the fish is smoked Lavender also goes well with other spices such as lemon balm, mint, thyme and sage. Application in medicine Lavender oil is widely used in medicine. It is used for stress relief, relaxation, joint pain, as a massage oil and as a remedy for burns, as an analgesic for migraines and headaches. Lavender helps to get rid of fatigue and stress, focus, and cope with insomnia. Lavender flowers are added to the pads of dry flower arrangements. In combination with chamomile flower, lavender successfully treats bronchitis and hoarseness of the voice. For cosmetic purposes, lavender is widely used for skin care of any type: to relieve inflammation, acne and pimples, dermatitis, herpes. Essential oil also has a positive effect on the scalp – eliminates dandruff, prevents hair breakage. Lavender has a diuretic effect, normalizes the liver and gallbladder. Helps to improve the nutrition of the heart muscle, normalizes blood pressure in people prone to hypertension. It is used to treat gangrene and purulent wounds. In addition to essential oil, lavender honey and tea are used for medical purposes. In pharmaceuticals, lavender is used to improve the smell of other drugs.
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