Dried walnut leafes herb 50gr. Juglans regia

Oreshka seeds
Walnut has been used for many centuries in the treatment of many diseases. This plant has many healing properties. Medicinal raw materials from walnut strengthens, tones, fights inflammatory processes. useful substances are found in the bark, wood, leaves, and kernels of nuts. each of the components is used to combat certain ailments. Due to its composition, the leaves of the plant have many useful properties. Among them, it is worth highlighting: negative impact on pathogens; strengthening the immune system; healing effect; improvement of blood clotting and metabolic processes; anti-inflammatory effect; treatment of viral infections; choleretic, tonic, vasoconstrictor, bactericidal effect; improving appetite; anthelmintic effect and so on. Walnut leaves, the useful properties and contraindications of which are thoroughly studied, allow you to give strength to a weakened body. It is possible to use drugs made from such raw materials for the prevention of many diseases. In addition, such drugs eliminate inflammation of the skin, regulate blood sugar levels and are used to fight many diseases.
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