Hypericum herb 50 gr. Natural herbal tea

Oreshka seeds
Medicinal properties of St. John's wort In herbal medicine, St. John's wort is used as a mono-component or as part of fees. It is typical for a number of therapeutic and preventive properties used in the complex treatment of a number of diseases. Due to its multicomponent composition, St. John's wort has a number of useful properties: Antimicrobial. Taking decoctions or infusions is recommended for microbial infections of various localization. Components of raw materials inhibit the reproduction of bacteria, destroy pathogenic microbes. Sedative. Due to the high content of B vitamins and additional components, decoctions and infusions calm the nervous system, help in the fight against stress, depression and mental overload. Wound healing. Due to its ability to enhance tissue regeneration, St. John's wort helps in the treatment of burns and wounds, various skin lesions with erosions. It is used mainly in the form of ointments and lotions. Analgesic. Decoctions or infusions can help in the fight against pain that occurs with digestive problems, pathologies of the nervous system.
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