Herbal collection Medicinal Galega (goatgrass) 50 gr, Galega officinalis herbal tea

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Medicinal goatgrass, or pharmacy goatgrass, or medicinal galega, or Goat rue (lat. Galega officinalis) A herbaceous perennial plant up to 1 meter tall with a rod root system. Galega has many erect branched stems. The leaves are petiolate, non-pinnate. Numerous flowers are collected in thick brushes of grayish-purple color. In folk medicine, preparations from galega have been successfully used for a long time. It is used as a diaphoretic, anthelmintic. Galega is used as a lactogenic agent during the feeding period in mothers, as it promotes better fluid movement throughout the body. In addition to reducing blood sugar, galega also increases glucose tolerance. The use of galega increases the glycogen content in the liver. Galega herbs contain the alkaloid peganin, which tones smooth muscles.
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