Fermented granulated fireweed "Ivan tea" 50 gr.

Oreshka seeds
Excellent granulated fermented fireweed. collected in the purest place of the Ural mountains. 50 gr. Ivan-tea is a native Russian drink with a pleasant taste and aroma. It has long been attributed to this herbal medicine healing, almost magical properties. In ancient Russia, Ivan tea was used as a natural remedy for any ailments, it was believed that regular use of tincture from this plant is the key to longevity and almost immortality.Useful and medicinal properties A drink made from Ivan tea really has a lot of pharmacological properties. This is possible due to the huge amount of useful substances contained in the leaves, flowers and rhizome of this plant: Ascorbic acid and vitamin C (3 times higher than in citrus!); Carotene; Pectin; Pyrogallol tannins; Alkaloids; Sugar; Copper, iron; Manganese. Due to the high content of the above elements, Ivan tea has the following pharmacological properties: stimulating the process of hematopoiesis; Tonic effect on the whole body; Anti-inflammatory; Fortification with vitamins; Antibacterial; Diaphoretic; Sedative; Slag removal; Bactericidal. Also, the use of a decoction of Ivan tea helps to improve metabolism in the human body. Application The abundance of useful trace elements and substances opens up a wide scope for the use of Ivan-tea: In the treatment of external inflammatory processes, wounds and post - operative sutures-as compresses, lotions and decontaminating agents; For anemia and beriberi - as an additional source of iron and vitamin C; For overwork, stress and depression - as a sedative and sedative medicine; For the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, as an anti-thrombosis agent; For diseases of acute respiratory infections, colds and sore throats - as an antiseptic and bactericidal gargle or decoction for oral administration; Dried leaves of Ivan-tea are added to the steamer in the bath - as a slag-removing substance; Use in cosmetics from Ivan-tea for women - as an active, firming and rejuvenating substance in masks, creams, bath bombs, etc. Ivan tea is very useful for men. A decoction from this plant is used as a preventive or medicinal remedy for prostatitis. Also, the active substances contained in kipreya stop the pathological conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, which reduces the risk of adenoma and prostate cancer. Decoctions of Ivan tea are also useful for women with long and very painful menstruation. Also, due to the high content of vitamin C, the infusion of kipreya makes the walls of the uterus elastic, which is one of the main goals of infertility therapy.
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