Goldenrod herb 50gr. Solidago virgaurea

Oreshka seeds
Goldenrod has a beneficial effect on various human organs, which is why it is widely used in folk medicine. with its help, all kinds of dermatoses and numerous skin diseases, involuntary urination and various renal abnormalities, bleeding gums and even dropsy are perfectly treated. in addition, goldenrod perfectly stimulates the metabolism, as well as cleanses the blood and helps with gout. in addition, it is recommended to use this herb during inflammation of the urinary tract. Goldenrod is a well-known honey plant. Its bright flowers contain a large amount of nectar, they are visited with pleasure by bees. A careful study of the composition of the plant allowed us to talk about its healing qualities. Medicinal raw materials are the aboveground part of the plant, as well as its rhizomes and roots. In goldenrod grass, alkaloids, flavonoids, saponins, essential oil, chlorogenic and caffeic acids, resins and tannins were found. The plant also contains bitterness and quercitrin. Harvesting of medicinal raw materials is carried out during the flowering of goldenrod, which occurs in early summer. The plant is collected, thoroughly washed, tied in bundles and dried in places where direct sunlight does not penetrate (in the shade). For the production of homeopathic preparations from goldenrod, only fresh flowers of the plant are used. Goldenrod has an analgesic, wound-healing antispasmodic effect, is used to treat gallstones, cholecystitis, kidney and bladder diseases. Externally, it is used to treat purulent wounds, ulcers and boils.
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