Herbal collection Cornflower blue inflorescence 50 gr, Centaurea cyanus herbal tea

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Herbal collection-Cornflower blue inflorescence Blue cornflower, or Seed cornflower (lat. Centaurea cyanus) Cornflower refers to herbaceous plants from the family "Compound flowers". The scientific name is Centaurea. It is widely distributed throughout Europe and Russia. It is usually considered a weed among the fields of cereals. Especially a lot in the fields where rye or wheat is grown. Infusion and decoction of cornflower blue is an excellent remedy for the inflammatory process, heat, constipation and edema. They are not able to block significant pain, but they can relieve spasms of smooth muscles. Cornflower blue is also an option to improve appetite and solve digestive problems. As a diuretic, it is part of the healing fees.
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