Tansy herbal tea 50gr. Tanacetum vulgare

Oreshka seeds
The herb has a large number of medicinal properties and can be used for: immunodeficiency states; diseases of the liver, intestines and biliary tract; treatment of purulent wounds; epilepsy; pyelonephritis; gout; scabies; boils; hepatitis; constipation. Tansy perfectly helps from parasites - it removes pinworms, lamblia, ascaris. For this she was popularly nicknamed the worm. Due to the large amount of essential oils in tansy, it has excellent antibacterial properties. The herb is recommended to be taken as an anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic agent - the infusions easily relieve headaches and menstrual pains. And the bitterness contained in the plant makes it possible to use it in medicinal preparations for the treatment of low stomach acidity.
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