Juglans mandshurica 5 PCS fresh seeds, Manchurian walnut, Tigernut, Dumbei nut, Nut seeds, Frost-resistant tree, Organic seeds, Non GMO

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Manchurian walnut, Tigernut, Dumbei nut, Nut seeds, Frost-resistant tree (lat. Juglans mandshurica).

A species of deciduous monoecious trees or shrubs of the genus Nut of the Nut family (Juglandaceae). The height of the plants reaches 25-28m.

The trunk is smooth, straight, with a spreading or wide-rounded openwork crown, resembling the crown of some palm species. The diameter of the trunk reaches 60-75 cm, sometimes 100 cm [. The bark is dark gray, the shoots are yellowish-brown pubescent.

The root system is powerful, with a deep taproot and well-developed, shallow lateral roots.

Leaves on petioles 5-23 cm long, alternate, complex, non-pinnate, up to 40-90 cm long (less often up to 125 cm), with 7-19 oblong-elliptical saw-toothed leaflets measuring 6-17 cm long and 2-7 cm wide. The leaf blade is toothed, rarely finely toothed, its apex is pointed, the abaxial side is pubescent.

The flowers are small, unisexual, appear simultaneously with the opening of the leaves. Staminate flowers in long hanging catkins, pistillate - 3-10 at the ends of the shoots. Blooms in April - May.

The fruits are bone-shaped oval, resemble a walnut, but smaller (3-7.5 cm) and have a very thick green or brownish shell. The seed kernel is oily, by weight is 15-19% of the endocarp mass, is extracted with difficulty, edible.

The fruits ripen in August - October and quickly fall to the ground entirely with the pericarp opened. The pericarp is green, browning at maturity, strongly pubescent, easily separating from the nut, sticky from glandular hairs. The tree enters the fruiting season at the age of four to eight years (in culture - at 12-15 years).

Lives up to 250 years. Up to 80-90 years old, it grows rapidly, then growth stops. Hardy, tolerates frosts at least up to -45 °C.
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