Walnut. Juglans regia. (Grade Ideal). SEEDS 5 PCS

Oreshka seeds
The walnut variety Ideal is zoned for middle area of Russia. The beginning of fruiting from the 3rd year, in some cases already in the second year. Satisfactorily tolerate frosts of the middle zone of the Russian Federation (- 35-37 wood, and-32-36 fruit buds), do not require shelter. In particularly frosty winters, the nut can freeze, but then quickly recovers.

60 years ago, near the border of the USSR and China, a walnut grove was found in the foothills of the Pamir and Tien Shan (Middle Asia). This walnut attracted attention with its appearance, the walnut was dwarfed! Several positive (best) tree forms were selected in the grove, and they were propagated and further selected. Through the efforts of breeders, a rapid form was brought out. So there was a quick-growing (from the 3rd year), low-growing walnut. To date, there are about 10 varieties isolated from trees found in the grove. The most interesting of them is the Ideal. The early-fruiting dwarf walnut is particularly popular among other varieties of walnuts.

We recommend planting multiple instances.
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