Castanea sativa 5 PCS fresh seeds, Sweet chestnut tree, Spanish chestnut, European chestnut, Chestnut seeds, Fruit nut seeds, Organic seeds

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Sweet chestnut tree, Spanish chestnut, European chestnut, Chestnut seeds, Fruit nut seeds (lat. Castanea sativa), or Edible chestnut, Real chestnut and noble chestnut.

A tree, a species of the genus Chestnut of the Beech family (Fagaceae). Large or medium-sized deciduous tree: in the forest — with a slender trunk up to 35 m high and up to 1 m in diameter, with single growth - lower (up to 25 m), with a spreading crown and a thick trunk (up to 2 m in diameter).

The root system is powerfully developed, deep and widely branched, the tree is wind-resistant. The bark is dark brown, longitudinally fractured.

The leaves are lanceolate or oblong, serrated at the edges, 10-28 cm long and 5-9 cm wide (on a dense growth they can reach a length of 70 cm and a width of 10 cm), saw-toothed along the edge, glabrous or slightly pubescent above, leathery, stellate-hairy below. The leaves bloom in April-May.

Flowers with a five- or eight-membered perianth, collected in groups (three flowers or more), located on a common axis, in spike-shaped inflorescences. The inflorescence flowers are 10-35 cm long and up to 1 cm in diameter. At the base of the inflorescence there are female flowers, above — male. Many inflorescences consist only of male flowers.

Flowering in June-July. Pollinated by bees and other insects, but wind pollination is also possible. Male and female flowers on the same tree open at the same time, which ensures cross-pollination.

Fruits are nuts weighing 17-20 g with a leathery pericarp, enclosed in three (less often one—seven) in a spherical prickly plus, which opens into four segments when ripe. The fruits ripen and fall out of the opened pluses in October-November. Chestnut nut is very nutritious.

Bees, under the condition of intensive pollination, increase the yield of fruits up to two times, which must be taken into account when creating industrial plantations in order to obtain fruits in large quantities and of better quality.
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