Juglans nigra 5 / 20 / 100 PCS fresh seeds nuts, Eastern American black walnut, Black walnut tree seeds, Northern black walnut, Organic seeds, Non GMO

Oreshka seeds
Eastern American black walnut, Black walnut tree seeds, Northern black walnut (lat. Juglans nigra).

The type species of trees from the genus Nut of the Nut family (Juglandaceae). A tree up to 40 meters high with dark, almost black bark covered with deep cracks. The root system is powerful, with a developed taproot.

The leaves are 25-50 cm long, alternate, unpaired, with 11-23 oblong-ovate light green leaflets. The leaflets are 6-10 cm long, up to 3 cm wide, gradually tapering to the tip, the base is rounded, slightly uneven, the edge is irregular-finely toothed.

Blooms simultaneously with the opening of the leaves. Staminate flowers are collected in multi-flowered catkins 6-15 cm long, pistillate - in racemes of 3-5 flowers.

The fruit is green, spherical or pear-shaped, 3.5—5 cm in diameter, covered with glandular hairs. The endocarp (nut) is round or ovoid, pointed at the top, with a thick shell, resembles a walnut. Black walnut kernels are edible, contain 55-66% fat.

It grows in deep fertile fresh soils. Light-loving. It bears fruit from 8-10 years.
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