Juglans regia 5 PCS fresh seeds, Walnut thin-skinned, Walnut from Russia (Saratov region), Nut seeds, Frost-resistant tree, Organic seeds

Oreshka seeds
Walnut thin-skinned from Russia, Saratov region. (lat. Juglans regia)

A tree species of the genus Nut of the Nut family (Juglandaceae). Walnut from Russia, Saratov region. Thin-skinned, easy to prick, easy to clean. Great for planting.

The thin shell easily bursts at the seam. The delicious, sweet kernel has a weight of 10-11 g and a good oil content. The height is up to 5 m, in the harvest season you can remove more than 80 kg of nuts from one unit. Frost resistance up to minus 20.
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