Walnut. Juglans regia. (Ivan Crimson variety). SEEDS 5 PCS

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The walnut variety — Ivan Crimson. Fruiting cluster, on the 2nd year, height 2 meters, dense planting scheme 3*3, more frost-resistant compared to the"Ideal".

This variety bears fruit in the second year. The trees are hardy and productive. You can collect from 20 to 30 kilograms from an adult tree. The kernels are light, sweet, and easily split.

It's easy to grow. Can be home form the nursery — in the fall plant in moist soil. Shoots will sprout in the spring. When transplanting to a plot, you need to take into account one feature: a hole is dug such as the root of a seedling. They add a shovel of humus or chicken droppings. A shovel of wood ash. In any case, do not overdo it, because you can harm the tree and it will begin to shrink.

In the first two months, water in the morning and evening. As soon as the seedling gets stronger, it is watered only in a dry summer. Be sure to mulch — under each tree after watering, you can sprinkle sawdust and straw. The frequency of irrigation depends on the soil. Where sandy — need more often.

The nut grows well in hilly areas. He likes space, so that the wind blows and nothing is shaded. It is desirable to seat at least 3 meters in a row. On the aisle should leave 6-7 meters. Depending on the planting scheme, there may be 300-500 trees per hectare. Nuts pollinate themselves.

The tree grows up to 4 m. the Fruit is easy to remove.

Matures earlier than tall varieties of nuts. In the second half of August, the crop is harvested.

This is a frost-resistant variety. Derived from the base Ideal, which grows in the continental climate.

Frost resistance of the 4th climate zone.
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