Walnut Carpathian variety 5 PCS fresh seeds, Juglans regia var. Carpathian seeds, Frost-resistant walnut tree

Oreshka seeds
Walnut of the Carpathian oil variety (lat. Juglans regia var. Carpathian)

The tree is quite large, has a rounded crown shape, up to 4 m high. It
has a high, stable yield, relative resistance to marsonia.
The fruits are formed on the apical buds of the shoots of the last year. Fruits of medium weight (11.2-13.5 g), rounded.
The kernels of nuts are hidden behind a thin, but strong enough shell, from which they are well separated. With one developed tree, with a good yield, it is possible to get up to 70 kg of fruit. The shooting ripeness of the fruits comes at the end of September.
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