Blunt-leaved pistachio 30 PCS fresh seeds Pistacia mutica Fisch

Oreshka seeds
Blunt-leaved pistachio - Pistacia mutica Fisch. et C. A. Mey.
Category and status: 3 g-rare species. A tertiary relic. In Russia, the northern border of the area passes.
Brief description. A small evergreen or semi-evergreen tree with a height of 8-10 m. The root system is superficial. Blooms in May, bears fruit in July - - - August. It enters fruiting at the age of 8-10 years. It grows slowly up to 300-500 years, but can reach a thousand years of age. Propagated by seeds and vegetatively. It easily gives growth from the stump, and in this case it grows in a bush-like manner on several trunks. Wind-resistant tree.
In Russia, it is found only in the Krasnodar Territory: on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus from Anapa to the village. Betas. Mediterranean-Anteroasiatic species. Outside of Russia, it grows in Ukraine (Crimea), as well as in the southern part of Central Europe, the Mediterranean, including Africa, Western Iran and Asia Minor .
It has anti-erosion properties. Pistachio tupolistnaya, due to the peculiarities of the root system, is able to hold the soil, preventing their erosion (destruction). The plant strengthens the slopes, including mountain ones.
Decorative effect. The crown of the plant is very decorative, so the plant is suitable for landscape gardening of southern cities and parks. In the autumn, the foliage is brightly colored.
Resin is a valuable raw material for medical purposes due to the content of 25% essential oils. It is extracted by making several incisions in the tree. During the season, up to 100 g of the product is obtained from each instance. Pistachio resin is used for the production of medicines for bedsores, burns, ulcers, wounds, and rheumatism. It has antibacterial properties, is used to create perfume compositions and impregnations for wood. The resin of the plant was used as a natural gum: it refreshes the breath, has a pronounced antimicrobial effect, strengthens the gums.
The leaves are used in medicinal recipes of traditional medicine due to the content of tannins-tannins. On their basis, medicinal decoctions and infusions are made, which have a strengthening effect.
Agricultural significance. Young growth of pistachio blunt-leaved can be used as a rootstock for cultural, real pistachio.
Valuable wood. The high density of the material and its strength led to the mass cutting of plantings. The wood sinks in the water, and the strength is not inferior to the famous oak.
Fruit oil is used in soap making, it burns well.
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