Chili walnut big size 5 PCS fresh seeds, Juglans regia Chili seeds, Walnut tree, Thin - shelled walnut

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Large thin-barked Chili walnut (lat. Juglans regia)

The Chilean walnut is a large whole fruit with a mild, rich flavor without bitterness. It is one of the best varieties among walnuts, and has a bright, rich aroma.

The walnut tree usually blooms in May. Sometimes it blooms again in June. Walnut fruits ripen from September to October.

The Chilean walnut is considered the “king” among its fellows. Its quality is determined by where it grows, the high-tech processes used to grow the tree, and special fertilizers for greater yields and immunity to disease.

Prefers well-drained fertile soil. Recommended acidity is 5.5-5.8 pH. The landing site should be the sunniest.

USDA Hardiness Zone: 4 (-34°C to -29°C).
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