Hazelnut ladyfingers 10 PCS fresh seeds nuts, Corylus maxima, Hazelnut tree Akaki Tsereteli, Walnut seeds, Filbert, Hazel, Fruit nut seeds

Oreshka seeds
Hazelnut ladyfingers (lat. Corylus maxima), or Bademi, or hazelnut Akaki Tsereteli, Walnut seeds, Filbert, Hazel.

Georgian variety. A medium-sized shrub with an erect and sparsely branched crown and with little ability to form root shoots.

The fruits are large, beautiful, one-dimensional, oblong-flattened, with a characteristic groove running from the base to the top. The base is rounded, slightly elongated, light gray in color. The wrapper is one and a half times longer than the fruit, whole, tubular, closely adjacent to the fruit, light green, slightly pubescent. The shell is thin (0.5 - 0.7 mm). The kernel is covered with a pinkish-yellow peel, has high taste qualities. The yield of the kernel is 48.8-52%, the fat content is 67.5 - 68%, sugars are 6.8%.

Early (first half of July) ripening period. The yield is 10-19 kg/ha (on average 4.8 kg per tree). It is characterized by high demands on moisture.

It is characterized by good separability of the pluses from the pericarp, which allows the use of a mechanized harvesting method.
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