Seed Set - Northern Nuts / Nut Tree Seeds

Oreshka seeds
Seed Set - Northern Nuts / Nut Tree Seeds

Included seeds:
Manchurian nut 5 pcs;
Grey walnut 5 pcs;
Heart-shaped nut 5 pcs;
Black walnut 5 pcs;
Rock nut 5 pcs;
Walnut dwarf variety Ideal 5 pcs;
Bear nut 10 pcs;
Northern hazel 10 pcs;
Siebold nut 5 pcs;
Caria Pecan 5 pcs;
Chekalkin nut 5 pcs;
Pistachio frost-resistant 20 pcs.

And nice bonuses from us: a lunar calendar, stickers on pots, a quick guide to germinating seeds and gift seeds!

Manchurian nut seeds:
Latin Júglans mandshúrica is the most hardy and frost-resistant variety of the genus Júglans. The fruits of the nut do not have a permanent shape and it is quite difficult to get them. The tree not only grows quickly, but also begins to bear fruit early. In height, the tree can reach 25 meters.

Gray walnut seeds:
Lat. Júglans cinérea refers to deciduous trees. The tree itself is very similar to the Manchurian walnut tree. The tree grows quickly and can reach 20 meters. The tree has a decorative crown, and is used for decorating parks, alleys and embankments.

Heart-shaped nut seeds:
Latin: Juglans cordiformis Max. –his homeland is considered to be the islands of Japan. The adult tree grows up to 18 meters. It has rather large leaves and very small fruits. Nuts form small brushes, in which they ripen.

Black walnut seeds:
Latin Juglans nigra grows mainly in North America and Canada. It belongs to the nut family. The tree reaches 40 meters and has a black bark, which served as the name. The fruit of the nut has an external resemblance to a walnut, only it looks quite dark. It has a small size of a round or oblong shape.

Rock nut seeds:
Latin Juglans rupestris Engelm most often the tree reaches 10 m in height, but when it grows in the mountains, the height increases significantly. It has rather large leaves, a straight trunk with a strongly cracking bark. Quite frost-resistant.

Walnut dwarf variety Ideal seeds:
Latin Juglans regia effigia-the beginning of fruiting from the 3rd year, in some cases already in the second year. They tolerate the frosts of the middle zone of the Russian Federation satisfactorily.

Bear Nut seeds:
lat. Córylus colúrna-the fruit of a single-seeded medium-sized nut, located in the coplodium (up to 3-7, on average, nuts). It tolerates shading well, can grow in dense plantings. It has high decorative properties — a slender trunk, a dense pyramidal crown, and is well suited for alley plantings. It grows quickly, is resistant to diseases and pests.

Northern hazel seeds:
Córylus avellána is a species of deciduous woody shrubs and trees of the genus Corylus. Shrub 2-5 m tall, sometimes growing tree-like; crown ovate or flat-spherical. Life expectancy is up to 100 years. The plant has been used and cultivated since ancient times as a nut-bearing plant.

Siebold Nut seeds:
lat. J. sieboldiana is recommended to be planted in pairs, since it needs pollination. The height of the trees reaches 25 meters, resistant to all kinds of diseases and pests. It bears fruit in the fifth year after planting, but the yield is moderate. The fruit of the tree is round or ovoid, growing in small racemes.

Caria Pecan Seeds:
lat. Carya illinoinensis is a fast-growing species of nut, which in a short time reaches a fairly large size. The height can reach 60 m.Depending on the place of growth, the tree can form a crown in the form of a tent or an ellipse. The tree can live up to 300 years and at the same time constantly bear fruit.

Chekalkin nut seeds:
lat. Xanthoceras sorbifolium - deciduous tree or shrub, in culture up to 4 m in height. The trunk is curiously curved, the crown forms a thick cap of leaves, similar in shape to rowan, which is reflected in the name.

Pistachio hardy seeds:
Pistácia-the birthplace of the mountain frost-resistant pistachio is considered to be mountainous Uzbekistan.
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