Juglans cordiformis 5 fresh large varietal nut seeds. Japanesse heartnut 5 big seeds
The heart-shaped nut (Juglans cordiformis Max.) naturally grows with Siebold nut in the forests of Japan on Honshu island, etc. It reaches a height of 15-18 m.
The bark of the trunk is light gray, the shoots are brownish, pubescent, sticky, the apical buds on them are large, up to 2 cm long.
The leaves are very large, 50-100 cm long, with 11-15 leaflets. The latter are asymmetrical, oblong-oval, pointed at the apex, almost sessile or on short petioles, glabrous on the upper side, pubescent along the veins on the lower side. They reach a length of 6-18 cm and a width of 3-5 cm.
Fruits in racemes of 7-12 PCs., the outer fruit (pericarp) is green in color, glandular-pubescent, up to 5 cm long and 4 cm wide. According to the value of the fruit, the heart-shaped nut also does not differ from the walnut, and even surpasses the fruits of the latter in taste.
Fruits ripen in September, they are cleaned from the pericarp and stored in a dry, cool room.
In culture, the heart-shaped nut is less common than the Siebold nut, although it deserves more attention due to its yield, high fruit quality and exceptional decorative properties due to its lush crown, large leaves, flowers with bright red stigmas and cluster-shaped fruits.
Propagated by sowing seeds, as well as vegetative method-grafting, budding. In mid-January, the seeds are stratified for spring sowing. It is most advisable to sow immediately to a permanent place, since the heart-shaped nut does not tolerate transplanting seedlings. The depth of seeding when sowing is not more than 5-6 cm.

Frost-resistant to -36
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