Cucumber Finger 10 PCS fresh seeds, Cucumber seeds, Vegetable seeds, Organic seeds, Heirloom seeds, Non GMO

Oreshka seeds
Cucumber Finger fresh seeds, Cucumber seeds, Vegetable seeds, Organic seeds, Heirloom seeds, Non GMO

Early-ripening (40-45 days from germination to the beginning of fruiting), bee-pollinated variety. The plant is strong-leaved, medium-branched, mainly female type of flowering, with a bundle of ovaries. The green is elongated-cylindrical in shape, dark green with stripes of medium length, sparsely large-bordered, with white pubescence. The greens are 9-12 cm long, weighing 115-120 g. The taste qualities of fresh, canned and salted fruits are excellent.

The value of the variety: plasticity, high yield and marketability, extended fruiting period, resistance to false powdery mildew.

Sowing: for seedlings - in the last decade of April-early May in pots. Temperature regime: during germination 23-25 ° C, after emergence -18-20 ° C. The seeds germinate on the 3rd-5th day. Placement at a permanent place: disembarkation 25-30 days. seedlings of 3 rast / m2 or direct sowing in the ground to a depth of 1.5-2 cm in a well-warmed, organic-rich soil, after the threat of spring frosts has ended.

Care: in the open ground, they are grown in a spread. The lower lateral shoots are pinched over the 2-3-m leaf. Regular watering with settled water in the morning and evening, fertilizing with mineral and organic fertilizers are recommended. The optimal temperature for plant growth and development is 18-25 C.

Harvesting: they are collected every 2-3 days. Irregular collections reduce the yield and quality of the greens.
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