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The Butya palm is a head-shaped, or Butsia, or Marmalade palm (Latin Butia capitata).

Butya glovata is famous for its orange fruits with sweet flesh, resembling small dates that ripen in summer and are used to make jelly and wine. This fact gave the plant a common name – Marmalade palm.

This is a single-stemmed palm with a short trunk and a spreading crown of feathery, arched-down leaves of bluish-green color. It is often used as a landscape plant in subtropical countries of the world.

Butya head usually grows very slowly and reaches an average height of 3.6 to 4.7 m . In a pot, its size is much smaller, but it requires a spacious place because of the spreading leaves and prickly petioles. For this reason, it is rarely grown in indoor conditions, more often it can be found in botanical gardens and greenhouses.

Butia is an unpretentious palm tree that does not require special care. It is relatively drought-resistant, but likes bright lighting and good ventilation. The biggest difficulty in its cultivation is the need for winter coolness.

The optimal temperature for Butia in summer is 20-25 ° C, and in winter the temperature should not fall below 10 ° C. In winter, when there is a lack of lighting, it is recommended to lower the temperature of adult palm trees to 10 ° C, and young ones to 15 ° C.
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