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Palm Trachycarpus Fortune (Latin Trachycarpus fortunei).

A small homemade palm tree, a welcome purchase for every lover of exotic plants. The thermophilic plant endures wintering with a cool temperature, and for 10-15 years it will decorate the interior with an unusual crown.

Trachycarpus Fortune is native to the subtropics and tropics, Southwest Asia, India and China, and on the Black Sea coast she feels like a real aborigine. The plant is frost-resistant, withstands temperatures of about -10 degrees for a short time, but develops well at 20 degrees celsius.

In nature, a tree with huge fan leaves lives for more than 100 years, grows up to 18-19 meters. The indoor version of the plant reaches 1-2.5 meters in height. The palm is called a fan palm because of the dissected leaves collected in brushes resembling a fan. In an adult indoor tree , such a brush can reach a diameter of 60-80 cm.

At home, palm trees do not grow as broad-leaved as in nature, but with good care, their crown looks voluminous and healthy. Inflorescences bear large black berries.
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