Staghorn Sumac tree 35 / 1000 / 10000 PCS fresh seeds, Rhus typhina seeds

Oreshka seeds
Staghorn sumac, or downy sumac, vinegar tree, short-haired sumac, large virgin sumac (lat. Rhus typhina)

The tree grows small 6-8 meters, while its foliage is quite large. Young branches are covered with velvety hairs.

The tree blooms with red-brown leaves that form small pyramids. After flowering, small red fruits are formed. And the foliage does not turn yellow, but acquires a beautiful red color.

Sumac belongs to the ornamental plants because it has an amazing appearance. In landscape design it can be used for small gardens and planting in tubs.

Does not make any special demands on the soil, tolerates soil salinity. Loves well-lit places. Tolerates drought well.

USDA Hardiness Zone: 5 (-29°C to -23°C). In severe winters it freezes, although it can withstand frosts down to -25°.
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