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Oreshka seeds
Laconosa americana (Latin Phytolacca americana), or Phytolacca americana, or Phytolacca decandra (Latin Phytolacca decandra), fatty grass, Jewish ivy, kermes berries, lentil berries.

Herbaceous perennial up to 3 m tall with a multi-headed short thick rhizome and a fleshy taproot.

The leaves are large, green, simple, opposite, pointed ovate, wedge-shaped-narrowed to the base, whole-cut, 5-40 cm long and 2-10 cm wide, with short angular petioles.

The flowers are bisexual, small (about 0.5 cm in diameter) white, collected in elongated racemes (10-15, up to 30 cm long) at the ends of the shoots. The perianth is simple, with rounded-ovate, blunt, whitish at first, and then reddening lobes. Ten stamens. The ovary is upper. Blooms from June to September.

The fruit is a purple-black berry. Mature fruits are rounded. The seeds are reniform-lenticular, about 3 mm long, shiny, black. It bears fruit since August.

It is undemanding to the composition and acidity of soils. A place for planting is suitable sunny or in partial shade.

USDA Frost Resistance Zone: 4 (-34°C to -29°C).
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