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Dwarf birch, small birch, or dwarf birch (Latin Betula nana).

A plant species of the genus Birch (Betula) of the Birch family (Betulaceae). Deciduous strongly branched shrub 20-70 (up to 120) cm high, with rising or prostrate shoots. Young shoots are densely velvety or fluffy, later almost naked, with dark brown or reddish-dark brown bark.

The leaf arrangement is another one. The leaves are rounded, rarely rounded-oval, 5-15 mm long, 10-20 mm wide, rounded at the base or, often, broadly wedge-shaped, with a rounded tip, a wide-wedge-shaped base, with blunted serrated edges. The leaves are dark green, glossy from above, light green and diffusely fluffy from below; sticky at a young age. Petioles are short, 4-6 mm long.

The flowers are small, nondescript, same-sex. Staminate catkins are sessile, erect, 5-15 (up to 20) mm long, 1.5—2 mm in diameter, with yellow anthers. Pistillate — on short pubescent legs, oval or elongated-ovate, light brown, 5-8 mm long (with fruits up to 12), 3-5 mm in diameter (with fruits up to 6) mm. Bract scales 2.5—3 mm long, with three upward-directed, linear-oblong, weakly ciliated lobes.

The fruit is a small elliptical nut 2 mm long, 1 mm wide, with very narrow webbed wings on the sides. Blooms before the leaves bloom. Fruiting in April — June.
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